Freedom Checks Tips to Help you Make Money with Minimum Risk

The world is going through a very complicated financial time and if you are unable to grasp where the financial markets are heading, listening to and following the financial experts is a good investment idea. One of the leading experts you can follow in this case is Matt Badiali, who has over two decades of experience in the business of finance and investments. Moreover, he is also a geologist, and his expertise on the natural resources sector is undisputed. After having worked with some of the leading natural resources companies for years, Matt Badiali decided it is time he used his expertise to help the main street Americans invest smartly and make money.

It is for this purpose he joined Banyan Hill Publishing as a natural resources expert and is currently the editor of Front Line Profits and Real Wealth Strategist. Both these newsletters are highly popular among the people and have helped hundreds and thousands of people to make money and manage their finances wisely. Recently, he developed an investment program that would help the people get what he likes to call Freedom Checks on a regular basis. The fact that Freedom Checks or in other words huge dividends can be got by investing in MLP companies is something not many people know. But, it offers a great investment opportunity. People can invest their money in these companies offering Freedom Checks, and the profits they make are given away to the investors as a dividend, and they are bound by the law to do it.

Matt Badiali wants to educate people about how they should manage their money and where to invest. It is this knowledge that is necessary for the people who are not well aware of the market trends and the various financial instruments available. Often the investment strategies that have gone mainstream do not offer as much return as the ones that are recently being discovered. If you want to get rid of financial troubles and enjoy your life free of financial worries, follow what Matt has to say to get about Freedom Checks regularly and to secure your future.

Nick Vertucci: Real Estate Investors Should Remain Flexible due to Inevitable Changes in the Market

A large number of people have a perception that becoming an entrepreneur is a smooth sailing affair. They think that any other person can join the field of entrepreneurship any day they want and achieve the success they are anticipating. What they don’t understand is that there is a significant number of other individuals who have joined the field of entrepreneurship and failed before even they began. Those who have recorded success have done so after accepting changes and incorporating various strategies to move forward.

Nick Vertucci is one of the entrepreneurs who have recorded much success than a significant number of other entrepreneurs in the United States. His real estate business and the real estate academy remains to be some of the most desirable projects around the country. It is worth noting that there is also a significant number of individuals in other parts of the world who have been interested in the success of the real estate business.

However, most individuals forget that Nick Vertucci has also experienced failure in his early years as an entrepreneur and it is through commitment that he has been able to remain relevant in a very competitive and volatile industry. Originally, he had started a store that was selling computer accessories and other technology products and services such as computer software and other spare parts. However, this business collapsed due to the dot com bubble, which he could not be able to withstand.

However, after his business collapsed, Nick Vertucci did not lose hope and forget his entrepreneurship vision, he moved out of the tech industry and joined the real estate industry. In this new field, he started buying and building various properties and selling them to a large number of individuals who had a high appetite for real estate properties. He also introduced Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy where individuals can gain knowledge and skills on how to invest in the real estate industry.

From these experiences, individuals, especially the potential investors should be aware that working in the entrepreneurship industry is not as easy and smooth sailing as it looks. It is a hard and complicated venture that requires commitment, dedication, and more so, patience. Nick Vertucci’s success is a clear demonstration that individuals should accept change and move on to other profitable ventures. Nick accepted the change in the industry and moved to other areas where he has recorded significant success, something he had never anticipated.

Ted Bauman Offers Some Clarity About A Potential Stock Market Crash

Ted Bauman is known to most as an investment expert who helps people to keep their assets safe. Others know him for the nonprofit work he did in South Africa with Slum Dwellers International, which benefited millions of people from all over the world. Today, he works with Banyan Hill publishing where he alerts people to low-risk investment opportunities. He also continues to help people protect their assets and recently talked about how he believes there is a strong chance that a bear market is on the way.

Ted Bauman understands that many stocks are currently overvalued, and he has used the CAPE ratio to demonstrate this fact. He has revealed that the CAPE ratio is now at the highest that it has been in a long time and that it would take a large drop in the stock market to level it out. He is sure that one of the first things that would happen in this event would be that investors would look to pull their investments out. He also believes that alternative asset returns would become more popular during this time.

Ted Bauman has continued to point out that a recession could cause the S&P to drop by over 25%. He has also said that this is even more likely if President Trump gets impeached. He believes that one good possibility is that the market will rise right before it drops. It will then partially recover after some time. He has likened this possibility to a similar occurrence in the late 1980s when the Dow Jones Industrial Average had its largest drop ever. He also commented on the fact that the market fully recovered and was up by 10% by the end of the year.

Ted Bauman believes that the best thing an investor can do to protect their investments during times like these is to remain relaxed and build a plan for the future. One way for investors to do this is to diversify and focus on reducing risk with any investments. He also suggests that smart investors work with experts who can help them to come up with a good strategy. Ted Bauman wants investors to not panic if the market suddenly crashes and that it is not a good idea to take immediate action if it does.

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The U.S. Money Reserve and The Lone Sailor Awards: Two Minds Become One At the Recent Awards Ceremony

The place is Austin, Texas. The night is September 25th, 2018. The United States Navy Memorial Foundation hosted the Lone Star Awards. Everyone who is anyone was there, including the US Money Reserves.

You might wonder why US Money Reserves being in attendance is such a big deal? The truth is, US Money Reserves has been a patron of the military for a long time. Their mission statement includes honoring the men and women of the services, past, present, and future. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and U.S. Money Reserve Wins Two ‘Best of Category’ Awards at 2018 AdSphere™ Awards

“Our Partnership with US Money Reserves is very important and special to us. They strive for excellence in everything they do from customer satisfaction with gold to honoring our men and women on the land, overseas, and abroad. They have always shown an appreciation for our servicemen and women. It is something that a lot of people can learn from.”

Christol Farris, The Vice President of Media

Where did their partnership begin and how has it progressed since?

It began with the coin series they launched for the 75th anniversary. The Pearl Harbor series began back in 2016. US Money Reserves donated part of every sale they made to the memorial fund which went to build the Lone Star Statue. That statue was part of the dedication last October in Hawaii.  Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

“The Lone Star Image is an iconic image, and now it has been made into a statue. We are unbelievably grateful to US Money Reserves for the part they play in the fundraising. It is a sign and symbol for those who have sacrificed themselves for our country. Our country does not do enough to honor the men and women who serve. It is not just US Money Reserves, but the customers who help to make it possible. Every time a customer makes an investment in coins, they are making an investment in the men and women who serve. That kind of gratitude and symbolism cannot go unnoticed.”

Jennifer Olivier, Director of Operations

It was also an honor for those who work at US Money Reserves.

I am a fellow vet. I am nothing but proud and humbled by all the kind words we have received from the committee and our customers.”

Hosea Perkins,(Retired) U.S. Army Staff Sergeant 18th Airborne Corp., Desert Storm veteran

US Reserves is one of the largest companies who issue investment options including gold and silver coins. You can read more about them by going to the official site.

Madison Street Capital and Lawrence Alioto

Madison Street Capital has just announced that it will be having a new managing director joining the organization. The name of the new managing director is Lawrence Alioto. Alioto will be responsible in advising customers in the technology field on corporate finance deals and M&A. Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking company that serves the middle market.

According to Charles Botchway, Madison Street Capital chief executive officer, technology is increasingly becoming pervasive as there is a lot of demand from organizations within that field. This is what has prompted the company to bring on board someone who has a strong technology background. The company looks forward to expanding its operations to Austin, and it is foreseen that there will be a greater need for the expertise that Alioto comes with into the company.

Alioto’s career began at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange where he was serving as a currency futures and options trader. He later moved to PaineWebber in Chicago where he was working as a registered representative. Lawrence then moved to business development and private equity in the 1990s in two different technology-based companies in California. Alioto then joined VeriTainer Corporation from 2004 to 2013 an organization he co-founded and late served as its president.

Lawrence Alioto has successfully funded as well as developed a wide range of business interests, varying from energy efficient technologies to medical devices to film production since 2013. Presently, he serves as a board of director member as well as in the management of Kaizen Oil Corp. Lawrence comes with enough knowledge and expertise in business development, government affairs, finance, and corporate development having utilized those skills both internationally and domestically. According to Lawrence, he was pleased to help Madison Street Capital to navigate through M&A and tech industries because they usually present a unique set of challenges.

Madison Street capital is a universal investment banking company that is privately owned. The organization is committed to integrity, good service, excellence, and leadership in providing business financial counsel services. Madison Street Capital has its head offices in Chicago IL. The organization has been in operation for 13 years. The financial counsel the firm offers covers acquisition and merger expertise, financial opinions, private equity, and evaluation of services. Moreover, the organization’s services cover venture capital services, advisory investment banks, and corporate tax planning to publicly and privately owned companies. The services which Madison Street Capital provides assist their customers to be successful in the global market arena. By ensuring that it is responsible for every single new project, the goals and objectives of the customer become the organization’s objectives. These range from fiscal counsel including successful resources raised toward M&A transaction to shift of ownership.


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Sujit Choudhry And The Search For Global Solutions

The words of Professor Sujit Choudhry carry an unparalleled weight amongst academics and within scholarly circles, especially those concerned with politics and in particular, comparative constitutional law. Thus Sujit Choudhry’s name has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue since he published a new chapter in a new book revolving around Constitutional Democracy, entitled ‘Constitutional Democracy in Crisis?’, set to be released on August 23rd, more info ( Choudhry’s chapter is a cause for celebration amongst academic authorities from around the globe who have studied his previously published work. The Professor is known far and wide for more than his writing. His work internationally has garnered Choudhry widespread recognition beyond his prominent peers in academia, source ( For one, Sujit Choudhry has played a pivotal role in assisting developing democracies as a constitutional advisor. Furthermore, Sujit Choudhry is the founding director for the Center for Constitutional Transitions, the foremost intellectual organization that functions as the authority on the construction of constitutions in emerging nations. In other words, Sujit Choudhry has put in significant work around the globe and his experience elevates his position as an authority on constitutional matters of all kinds. In Sujit Choudhry’s latest piece he examines all the factors contributing to today’s controversial political climate. In many ways it is Choudhry’s response to those concerned that constitutional democracy is being undermined and ultimately threatened, in light of recent, arguably caustic political events. He explores whether of not there is a real, authentic trend toward people moving away from constitutional democracy or if said political events are part of a greater, more static pattern. Along with his fellow authors whose combined work makes up ‘Constitutional Democracy in Crisis?’ Choudhry leads a diagnostic hunt for a way to analyze and further explain the state of the world today, according to Collectively they work to pinpoint the nature of what has engendered political friction felt worldwide. Early reviews of the book have been filled with praise, with many critics regarding the work as integral to understanding what problems face the world today and as an indispensable step toward solutions to said problems, check

Have a peek on Sujit Choudhry’s ( for more information.

The Truth About US Money Reserve’s Recent AdSphere Awards!

Coming in for two years in a row, the U.S. Money Reserve has won two Best of Class Awards during the 2018 AdSphere Honors. Distinguished for its superiority in the extremely ambitious direct-response television (DRTV) world, the precious metals business prized as America’s Gold Authority® brought home the honors of “Short Form Products” and “Infomercials” once again.

These AdSphere awards acknowledge the best network cable brands and advertisers in the prosperous $350 billion direct-response telecommunications (DRTV) market and are conferred by DRMetrix, the top television analysist corporation in the DRTV world. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Wins Two ‘Best of Category’ Awards at 2018 AdSphere™ Awards

“These focused energies within the DRTV field are motivated by our passion to offer our audience with creative work that displays our brand the best,” mentioned CEO of U.S. Money Reserve, Angela Koch. “Obtaining this recognition for the second year in a row is really an honor, and more remarkably, proof of the capabilities of our media, marketing and production groups.”

AdSphere keeps a continuous watch over a universe of more than 120 networks nationwide. The organization bestowing the awards have identified more than 7,700 direct response and brand-direct companies. Follow US Money Reserve on Twitter

It recognizes and determines the best brands over a broad range of market categories portraying all aspects of the DRTV field. AdSphere categorized DRTV campaigns along 20 primary categories and 145 sub-categories.

“These AdSphere awards appreciate the best-of-class promoters over four industry classes such as lead generation, short-form products, 28.5-minute infomercials and brand/direct,” stated AdSphere Awards originator and leader of DRMetrix, Joseph Gray. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

“Achievement-based campaigns reaching this kind of scale prove consumer popularity as well as best-in-class media and creative execution. The honors of AdSphere show the highest levels of inclusivity ever in the DRTV industry from almost 70 honorees as well as every one of the best-of-category award winners.”

The prizes arrive following another milestone when The Perth Mint named U.S. Money Reserve as the sole U.S. dispenser of the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2018 Proof 65th Anniversary Coin Set.

This high honor is now even more notable given the remarkably low minting of the 2 ounce Proof Gold Coin. Produced by The Perth Mint as well, the 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor series of coins are distributed exclusively internationally with U.S. Reserve.

OG Juan – Keeping Roc Nation at the Top of its Game

OG Juan Perez is making a big splash of about his 50th birthday. He is also doing it in style. Jay-Z was not shy in making it a special occasion for OG Juan. Jay-Z spent $113,000 on birthday celebrations for his close personal friend. They hit the town and celebrated at nightclubs and restaurants. There was no end to popping bottles. For everyone attending, it was a night they will not soon forget. At present, OG Juan is the President of Roc Nation. The company is a creation that combines sports and entertainment. The company advocates strongly for industry athletes. Perez has a unique ability to run the company that places focus on both a person’s business and personal life.

This is somewhat of a unique approach in the industry. It is also great for branding. OG Juan was born in Harlem and spent his youth there. It was in 1996 that he met Jay-Z. They both bonded immediately for their love of sports and entertainment. In 2003, they became business partners and opened several sports bars around the city of New York. Today, Roc Nation represents a diverse group of talent. As such, the company is now one of the world’s most popular entertainment company that covers every aspect of modern entertainment.

The company represents athletes, recording artists, songwriters, producers, and artists. When the company boasts full-service, they mean every word of it. They now hold the distinction of being the planet’s leading expert in fashion, philanthropy, and artist management—thus redefining what business entertainment represents. OG Juan has a huge responsibility as President of the company. The company’s mission is to elevate their clients’ brands on a national and global level. So far, the company is a huge success and attracts some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment.

Rocketship Education: The Beauty of an Alternative Learning System

The Rocketship Education System became the highlight of discussion over Twitter and Facebook after one of the reporters of the NPR published a report about the test scores of students attending the schools under their system. The opinion of the public is divided – some are criticizing the story, and some are praising the reporter who made the story. The Rocketship Education System is considered one of the best alternative learning institutions in the country. The people who are behind the educational system are proud of the students that they raise, and they said that they could be the next big thing in the country.

The story, entitled “High Test Scores – But at What Cost?” became the trending topic on Facebook and Twitter. The critics have pointed out that the report by the NPR lacks information, and it sounded bias. They are saying that most of the information presented in the news report is somewhat unfair to those who are relying a lot upon the educational system, and they are saying that the NPR should issue an apology because of what they have written against the Rocket Education System. The educational system has been praised by the parents who have been taking their children inside to learn, and they said that the use of gadgets and other devices are helping their children learn more.

The Rocketship Education System is one of the few educational institutions in the country that expresses support for the use of technological devices in trying to teach the children. The parents are also involved in the learning process, and they are required to participate in their children’s activities. The teachers are also taking up a big chunk in the changes with the students. They are focused on teaching their students and testing their skills. Through examinations and practical tests, the teachers can bring out the best in each student. They are also tasked with visiting their students’ home to observe what kind of environment they are living in. For the teachers, working with the Rocketship Education System is an experience that they will never forget, and they are criticizing the report from NPR because they knew first-hand what it feels like being with the school.

Infinity Group Australia Named As One Of Australia And New Zealand’s Most Innovative Firms

For each of the past seven years, the Australian Financial Review (AFR) has been putting out a list of the most innovative firms in New Zealand & Australia. The founders of Infinity Group Australia were happy to find out that their firm had been named as the 58th Most Innovative Company by AFR for 2018. This comes just five years after Graeme Holm & Rebecca Walker established this company in Bella Vista, New South Wales.

Who is named to AFR’s list is determined by a consulting firm, Inventium, and a panel of experts in each industry. The main thing companies are judged by is whether their business solution solidly addresses the problem they are trying to solve. Inventium and the panels also look at the company culture regarding promoting innovation, how unique the service or produce is, and what resources they have as a business.

When he found out about his company winning this award Graeme Holm put out an official statement. He said that they were proud to have been named to AFR’s list and he thanked both them and Inventium. He went on to congratulate his company’s entire team and he was both honored and humbled to have his company win.

Graeme Holm has been in the financial industry for 15 years. He started out working for a couple of Australia’s big banks before co-founding Infinity Group Australia. He has been named as one of the MPA Top 100 Brokers in Australia. He also was certified by IQPC in 2018 with their Customer Service Management designation.

Like in many parts of the world, homeowners in Australia are often living paycheck to paycheck and not able to pay any more on their loans than what is required. Graeme Holm decided to fix this issue by partnering with these people and going over where every one of their dollars is going. His company then puts people on a cash-only budget from which they pay for their monthly essentials like food, gas, and clothes. The rest of their money goes towards debt reduction. Learn more:

Graeme Holm says that when he was working for the big banks he could see that they were great at getting homeowners into debt but didn’t care to help at all in helping them reduce it and pay it off. He saw a niche for a company that would provide this service to consumers, one that would act as a personal trainer of sorts for finances.