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I have made many financial mistakes in becoming an independent adult, but sometimes it is the simple mistakes that are made that do not seem as large initially that have the potential to become the worse. This was the case with a car I purchased a couple of years ago, and with the loan that I realized much too late was a bad loan. I can not say how bad this problem became when I finally I had to reckon with the carnage caused from my bad spending habits. I had to downsize in order to return to school to finish my post graduate degrees. This was more than a move to gain esteem. I had to return because other financial options had closed for me, and school was my last option. In life, you never want to do anything as a last result because Murphy’s law begins to play a large part in your already overwrought life.


At this awful point, I realized that my car loan was so far upside down that I would never pay the car off before it became so degraded that it was not drivable. Although it was still drivable at that point, I still could not return to school and afford that note. This was compounded by the fact that I needed a car for school, so simply accepting the consequences of letting the car go back was not an option. I could not believe it. It seems as though I was so far behind that I was forced to keep a car. Since the car was still in my possession and not in arrears, I had hoped that I would be able trade the car or adjust my loan.


The car was not expensive and somewhat old, so trading the car was not an option. I found that refinancing was not normally an option either, but I did not accept that proposition as the truth especially in the digital age. After searching online, I found that I was absolutely correct. The awesome option I found to refinance the what I thought was a lost cause loan was Ignition Financial at their awesome site. Compared to how long it took me to find a solution, the kind staff at http://www.ignitionfinancial.org/auto-loans solved my problem in a brief instant.

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