Want To Throw A Party And Don’t Know Where To Start? Read This.

If you’ve never thrown a party before, it’s normal to feel nervous. When you invite a large number of guests into your home, it goes without saying that you want to have the most delicious food, the most fabulous decor and the most inviting environment.


However, without some proper guidance, it’s easy to try to do too much in too short a period of time. You may have lofty and extravagant dreams about throwing a party that your friends and family will be talking about for ages but if you don’t incorporate some smart planning and organization, you can easily become overwhelmed.


Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of tips from expert party planners who know what is required to ensure that a party is a success.



Create a Theme


An easy way to ensure that your party is super festive and memorable is to come up with a fun and creative theme. Guests love themed parties because it allows them to dress up and let loose. Whether it’s an eighties theme or a Harry Potter bash, your guests will love getting into character.



Come Up with a Signature Cocktail


If you want your guests to have access to delicious beverages but don’t want to splurge on a wide variety of liquor, you can just serve beer, wine and a signature cocktail instead. A signature cocktail can be a creation of your imagination that is somehow related to your theme. Feel free to make a large batch ahead of time so that guests can help themselves.



Consider a Professional


Want to throw a fabulous party without doing all the work? Hire a professional event planning company like Twenty Three Layers in New York City. This event planning company can help you during the planning stages of your party as well as provide services that you may need like photography, live music and catering.



Take a Step Back


Give yourself an hour or two before the guests arrive to unwind. Throwing a party takes an enormous amount of work and if you don’t give yourself some time to relax, you won’t be able to enjoy it when your guests show up because you’ll be too tired.

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