How Evolution of Smooth Gambled On An Unconventional Product Design And Won Big

One might argue that the 21st century is the age of disruption. So many industries such as the world of journalism and retail have been transformed by innovations that allow consumers to access the commodities that these industries produce in ways that are more efficient and personalized at a faster pace. Though it is not a subject that is broached as often as it could be the world of hair, makeup and skincare is no stranger to innovation. The introduction of beauty blogs and online hair tutorials, for instance, made it much easier for female consumers to achieve the style and look they wanted often without having to seek out the services of a makeup artist or beautician. While new innovations in the world of beauty do not necessarily mean that makeup artists, beauty editors at traditional magazines and beauticians are obsolete it does mean that the beauty world is modernizing itself to adjust to the tastes of a new kind of consumer.

One of the relatively new beauty products that symbolizes this modernization are the organic smooth spheres that are sold on Ulta by skincare company Evolution of Smooth. Even though EOS lip balm has been in business for less than a decade it has been able to rise to the top of the pack in part because of the innovations that it introduced to the world of lip balm. According to a profile that was written on the company for Fast Company magazine it completely overhauled the design of a beauty staple (i.e. lip balm) that had gone unchanged for decades. Instead of spelling the doom for the young beauty company the gamble that it took on an unconventional look for its product actually ended up paying off. Today the company is worth $250 million according to Fast Company magazine. Visit the company’s website:

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