Jorge Moll – Cardiologist and Entrepreneur

Jorge┬áMoll is an accomplished doctor that specializes in cardiology. At the same time, he is an entrepreneur who has invested in the medical sector with a focus on laboratories. His first venture was in 1977 when he formed a health diagnostics imaging laboratory. With time he continued to expand this company into a chain of hospitals in Brazil. His establishment became one of the leading lab operators and hospitals in Brazil. Rede D’Or today has a chain of 24 hospitals with more than 4000 beds spread across all the hospitals.


Moll sold a subsidiary of the hospital to a publicly traded Fleury SA which is a Brazilian medical service provider.


This led him to attain up to 414 billion dollars. In the same year, he gained control of the Sao Paulo based hospital known as Sao Luiz.This was a deal that was financed by billionaire Andre Estevee BTG Pactual bank. Moll has up to 78% ownership of the hospital. In 2013 he gave up his position as the CEO o the group of hospitals and became chairman of the establishment. Later in 2014 the company acquired significant financing from world bank thus securing up to 255 million dollars which went towards catering for the expansion of the hospitals.


Jorge Moll is a reserved cardiologist who leads a humbled life. He is married and has nine children who are part of his establishment as they work in different parts of the hospitals. Jorge is passionate about advancing treatment in cardiology. More often than not he is fond of talking about how innovation is important in the treatment of various diseases. Technology will help in different ways including enhancing efficient and humanized interaction between the patients and doctors (


This will allow for 100% focus on the patients as the doctor no longer has to have divided attention consulting files or taking notes. The innovation, in this case, will help improve safety as it gives an in-depth medical evaluation. All the information at the end of the consultation will allow for specialists to evaluate all the information which in turn will increase proclivity.

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