Mrs DeVos Is Known For Being A Fighter In Politics

If there is one thing that anyone really knows about Betsy DeVos, it is that she will fight for what she believes in. This is especially true when it comes to education and politics. In her everyday life, she is more polite than you would expect. Recently, Betsy had met with a representative for gay and transgender employees who work throughout the education system. The meeting was set up to offer her fair warning about what was about to happen. Shortly after, President Trump took away a policy that allowed transgender kids to use the bathroom they most identify with.


Betsy DeVos made it clear that she was not happy with the decision that the president made about the policy. There were no warning signs going around that this decision was going to be made by Trump. She had also decided not to give any indications that she was going to come up short on fighting the decision as well.


A Big Advocate For Charter Schools


Betsy has always been a big advocate for education. One of her major loves has always been for charter schools where she began offering voucher programs to let kids get in who would otherwise not be able to afford to. Both she and her husband are major donors to the Republican party. Betsy has been a former member of the Michigan Republican Party. She may be a team player but will fight for the causes she believes in. She uses her many allies and the fortune she inherited from her family to get rid of her competition.


Going To Washington


Unfortunately, Betsy DeVos had a rough start to her new position at the White House. This was putting it very mildly, though. When she was in attendance to the Senate’s confirmation hearings, she was giving out shaky answers to questions being asked to her about education reform policies and federal law. She was offering many crazy suggestions about things such as giving officials guns to protect themselves from bear attacks. Even though she was making a joke, her answers didn’t sit well with those in attendance. It ended up making her quite the target for jokes in the news and the subject for many late-night television comedy routines.


Friends and family who are close to her have stated she was not very happy about being portrayed like she was an idiot. However, Betsy is not one to shy away from the criticism or opinions of others. Unlike Trump, she is more than happy to shrug off things that are said about her and move on.


Betsy And Pitbull In Miami


In April of last year, many people were surprised and curious to see why DeVos was in Miami with the rapper known as Pitbull. As it turns out, Pitbull started his own charter school in Miami. Mrs DeVos was in town and decided to make a visit to this charter school and other ones as well. This visit was to show her never-ending commitment to ensuring that school-choice programs stay a priority in her career.


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