Tips and Services From Stream Energy

Located in Dallas, Texas, Stream Energy is a company that provides electricity, natural gas, wireless phone and smart home services. It has over 200 employees and is run by CEO Larry Mondry. The company offers energy supply plans, as well as tips to help customers cut down on heating and cooling costs.


In order to keep heating costs down in the winter, the company advises customers to Change HVAC filters regularly and get their home furnace serviced by a professional to achieve the best efficiency; Seal any air leaks in the home by installing weather stripping where needed, inspecting insulation in attics and crawlspaces and putting caulk around windows and covering them to trap heat in; Check the roof for any damaged shingles, clean the gutters out, and mow leaves to use as mulch for the yard.


The company also encourages customers to turn off exterior faucets and drain the sprinkler system to avoid a burst pipe and to reverse their ceiling fans, which may seem unusual, but having the blades spin in the opposite direction will force rising warm air downward. And just in case customers get snowed in, they should stock up on food, water, snow shovels and warm clothing, as well as a transistor radio and lots of batteries.


Aside from just offering energy services, Stream Energy has a wireless phone service with many plans that are very affordable, and it has smart home services that customers can control whether they’re at home or away. Stream Digital Voice service is a low-cost home phone service that also acts as a security system by providing customers with safety alerts while they’re away from home. It offers unlimited calling, as well as excellent call quality (BusinessWire).


The company also offers a smart thermostat that can help customers control how much energy is being used. And it has yet another service called Stream Virtual MD that can connect customers with doctors by way of phone or video chat when they enroll in the program for a small fee. No insurance is required for using this service, and customers can get discounts on prescriptions.

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