Alex Pall Talks Past and Future of The Chainsmoker’s Career

The Chainsmokers’ rise from obscurity to worldwide fame is one of the quickest in musical history but just how did the DJ and production duo manage to attain prevalent fame so fast? Mathias Rosenzweig recently had a chat with Alex Pall about the origins of the group, how they handle their notoriety and where they plan to go in the future of their career. The two first met in New York City when Taggart was matriculating at one of the local universities while Pall was taking various DJ gigs in and around the city. Pall’s manager was the one who first introduced them and they immediately knew they would work well together because they could tell how serious each other was about making music and dropping beats.

From there on in, they started working together on a daily basis and it wasn’t long before they dropped their first hit single, Selfie. Not long afterward, they began dropping one hit single after another and, before they knew it, their fame had become pervasive. Eventually, they began working with collaborators such as Halsey. When discussing their collaboration with her, they had nothing but nice things to say about her, stating that she’s a unique artist with a style all her own. Those are the kinds of artists with whom they wish to work in the future. Unlike many other DJs, however, they do sing on their own songs.

However, Alex makes no apologies for that, stating it’s necessary because the lyrics of their songs pertain to his life. Their demographic has also expanded over the years, going from mostly students in college to people of all ages. And they are grateful for everyone who loves and listens to their music. They don’t take their fame for granted. As for their live shows, they take great pride in the fact that they do sing live during their concerts and don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. They believe it wouldn’t be the same when they returned. So we wish them the best of luck on the future of their career and hope they have continued success.