Bob Reina and his Booming Company

Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina is a “do-er.” He has created an international business and done amazing charitable works at the same time. Originally from Brandon, Florida, Bob has worked tirelessly to make something of his life, while still finding a way to give back. Bob sees his work in philanthropy and business as one seamless operation. When setting-out to make Talk Fusion the best company possible, he spent a great deal of time looking at the needs of the community of customers and figuring out how to bring them the best value possible. Admittedly, doing business in this way is not always the most profitable in the short term, though it has been a viable business option in the long run.


Bob’s dedication to a better world is part of what makes him a truly remarkable person. He has the belief that the simple act of committing to do something can speak volumes about the likelihood of success. He believes strongly in the notion of teamwork in the workplace to increase success. The use of multiple skill sets with multiple people has helped Bob Reina develop the best possible team for his company.


His company, Talk Fusion is very successful because of the way they manage their time and how they see the process from start to finish. Both the process as well as the end result must be of paramount importance to the full staff of Talk Fusion. The notion of what is profitable seems to take a back seat to what is right for their customers and the community of people they serve. This is what makes the company seamlessly conduct business and operate charitably. Not every CEO has the same recipe for success as Bob Reina. It has certainly worked well for him and his booming company Talk Fusion.


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Whitney Wolfe Online Dating and The Average Man

There is something to say about the world of online dating and the average man. Whitney Wolfe has worked with average men when it comes to her Bumble dating app. She has heard the stories tons of times. She has heard how a lot of men have struggles getting a date. One of the reasons that a lot of people who are online are not getting anywhere is because the dating activities are not in the favor of men. Men message tons of women on a daily basis on dating apps. Meanwhile, women get tons of messages from men on a dating app.

Whitney Wolfe has changed things with Bumble. Now the average man has an easier time getting a date because the machine does the matching. There is also the sense of urgency for women who might want to be a little slow about reaching out. Women have 24 hours to message the person that they were matched with. They both get to meet each other and then see if they are a good match for one another. If it turns out to be a good thing, this can count as another success for Whitney Wolfe because of Bumble.

One thing that is happening with online dating is that a lot of men who are average are shying away from this opportunity. Some people find themselves assuming that because of the way that online dating is set up that they are not going to be able to get a date with the apps. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe has made some adjustments to the app so that men can easily find someone who wants to go out and meet him. This means that there are a lot less lonely and frustrated men because of what was done with Bumble and the extensions.

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Penelope Kokkinides and The Most Fiscally Responsible Thing To Do For Puerto Rico’s Healthcare Situation

When leaders do their best, they can push the growth of their companies to a level that would be unprecedented. However, what could also increase the levels of growth for such companies would be a collaboration with other excellent leaders with great experience and fantastic track record. For the kind of growth that InnovaCare Health experiences today, it could be attributed to the partnership and appointment of Penelope Kokkinides along with Rick Shinto as the Executive Leaders of the firm.


InnovaCare Health is seen to be today’s topmost healthcare provider in North America, particularly in Puerto Rico. The organization has already built an outstanding record of providing healthcare products to over 560,000 beneficiaries today. This most probably is because of the performance of Kokkinides as the firm’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and Rick Shinto as the firm’s CEO and President. Without their leadership, it may be hard to see how InnovaCare Health can cater to a lot of their clients’ specialized healthcare needs. The healthcare plans that InnovaCare, Inc. has also provided are also the foundation of Puerto Rico’s government healthcare system, which includes the MMM Healthcare, Inc. and the PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. The more than 200,000 individuals that compose the population of Puerto Rico have truly a lot to thank for to how InnovaCare has provided NCQA-accredited health care plans in the country today.


We should also say here that the career and track record of Kokkinides has been transformative in the progress of InnovaCare. With 20 years of work experience in the world of healthcare, she already has built a reputation for becoming a substantial source of expertise and knowledge for the companies she works for. Prior to being Innovacare’s CAO, she also worked as the Executive Vice President for Centerlight Healthcare, as well as the Cheif Operating Officer at Touchstone Health.



One of the highlights of the current activities of Kokkinides today was her meeting with President Donald Trump last 22 March 2018 at the Roosevelt Room of the West Wing in the White House. In the roundtable discussion, she expressed the need for more healthcare support from the United States for Puerto Rico. The federal funding cut that Puerto Rico has experienced is a worrisome issue that she wanted the Trump Administration to remedy. She also shared the belief that fixing the tax cuts would be the most fiscally responsible thing to do for Puerto Rico, and she hopes that the Trump Administration would do the right thing.



Alex Pall Talks Past and Future of The Chainsmoker’s Career

The Chainsmokers’ rise from obscurity to worldwide fame is one of the quickest in musical history but just how did the DJ and production duo manage to attain prevalent fame so fast? Mathias Rosenzweig recently had a chat with Alex Pall about the origins of the group, how they handle their notoriety and where they plan to go in the future of their career. The two first met in New York City when Taggart was matriculating at one of the local universities while Pall was taking various DJ gigs in and around the city. Pall’s manager was the one who first introduced them and they immediately knew they would work well together because they could tell how serious each other was about making music and dropping beats.

From there on in, they started working together on a daily basis and it wasn’t long before they dropped their first hit single, Selfie. Not long afterward, they began dropping one hit single after another and, before they knew it, their fame had become pervasive. Eventually, they began working with collaborators such as Halsey. When discussing their collaboration with her, they had nothing but nice things to say about her, stating that she’s a unique artist with a style all her own. Those are the kinds of artists with whom they wish to work in the future. Unlike many other DJs, however, they do sing on their own songs.

However, Alex makes no apologies for that, stating it’s necessary because the lyrics of their songs pertain to his life. Their demographic has also expanded over the years, going from mostly students in college to people of all ages. And they are grateful for everyone who loves and listens to their music. They don’t take their fame for granted. As for their live shows, they take great pride in the fact that they do sing live during their concerts and don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. They believe it wouldn’t be the same when they returned. So we wish them the best of luck on the future of their career and hope they have continued success.

Trabuco – A History Of The Ancient War Machine

The Trabuco is a projectile siege engine and is one of the earliest weapons of war constructed by mankind. It is also known as the Trebuchet. According to most historians it was first developed in ancient China and used by the Mohists around the 4th century BC. It made its way to Europe by the 4th century AD. Byzantium adopted the Trabuco as early as 587 AD. The Persians were using the weapon by the 6th century, with the Franks and Saxons employing them by the 8th century AD.

The Trabuco was used by invading armies who were laying siege to a walled city. The device would hurl projectiles at the city’s walls and defenses. The historical record indicates that the weapon was so effective and well known that some opponents would open the city gates and surrender at the mere appearance of the weapon. Projectiles used by the siege weapon were varied. These included rocks, logs, incendiaries, and other debris. Smooth surfaced projectiles such as a rounded boulder could reach distances of over 130 meters according to Early historical reports claim that even human and animal corpses were used as projectiles. When on target, these types of biological projectiles were particularly effective at contaminating a city’s water resources or even spreading disease among the besieged inhabitants.


The Trabuco operates by using the mechanical advantage of a lever deployed to launch a projectile. Thus the machine converts latent energy into kinetic energy launching the projectile. The missile’s velocity and range is dependent on its weight and shape.

The Trabuco was made of wood and quite large, some reaching a height of 30 meters. They were usually immobile and had to be constructed from local resources. Early versions of the machine required a significant amount of manpower to build, transport, and operate. When gunpowder and the cannon were introduced to siege warfare, the use of the weapon declined. One of the last recorded reports of its use in military history was at the siege of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan by the Spanish in 1521 according to

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Mrs DeVos Is Known For Being A Fighter In Politics

If there is one thing that anyone really knows about Betsy DeVos, it is that she will fight for what she believes in. This is especially true when it comes to education and politics. In her everyday life, she is more polite than you would expect. Recently, Betsy had met with a representative for gay and transgender employees who work throughout the education system. The meeting was set up to offer her fair warning about what was about to happen. Shortly after, President Trump took away a policy that allowed transgender kids to use the bathroom they most identify with.


Betsy DeVos made it clear that she was not happy with the decision that the president made about the policy. There were no warning signs going around that this decision was going to be made by Trump. She had also decided not to give any indications that she was going to come up short on fighting the decision as well.


A Big Advocate For Charter Schools


Betsy has always been a big advocate for education. One of her major loves has always been for charter schools where she began offering voucher programs to let kids get in who would otherwise not be able to afford to. Both she and her husband are major donors to the Republican party. Betsy has been a former member of the Michigan Republican Party. She may be a team player but will fight for the causes she believes in. She uses her many allies and the fortune she inherited from her family to get rid of her competition.


Going To Washington


Unfortunately, Betsy DeVos had a rough start to her new position at the White House. This was putting it very mildly, though. When she was in attendance to the Senate’s confirmation hearings, she was giving out shaky answers to questions being asked to her about education reform policies and federal law. She was offering many crazy suggestions about things such as giving officials guns to protect themselves from bear attacks. Even though she was making a joke, her answers didn’t sit well with those in attendance. It ended up making her quite the target for jokes in the news and the subject for many late-night television comedy routines.


Friends and family who are close to her have stated she was not very happy about being portrayed like she was an idiot. However, Betsy is not one to shy away from the criticism or opinions of others. Unlike Trump, she is more than happy to shrug off things that are said about her and move on.


Betsy And Pitbull In Miami


In April of last year, many people were surprised and curious to see why DeVos was in Miami with the rapper known as Pitbull. As it turns out, Pitbull started his own charter school in Miami. Mrs DeVos was in town and decided to make a visit to this charter school and other ones as well. This visit was to show her never-ending commitment to ensuring that school-choice programs stay a priority in her career.


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Texas Bankers Association Members Big and Small

The President and Chief Executive Officer of NexBank Capital, John Holt, was privileged with the opportunity to speak about “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation” in New Orleans at the Texas Bankers Association’s Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. At this conference bank leaders, consultants, and advisors from around the country gather to discuss opportunities and trials that banks are facing.

The Texas Bankers Association (TBA) is based out of Austin, Texas. The members pride themselves of being the voice of banking throughout Texas and in Washington D.C. Members of TBA include thousands of institutions across the state, that are both large and small, and who hold national charters, thrift charters, and non-Texas charters.

NexBank is the 4th largest bank in Dallas, 10th largest in the state of Texas, and is a member of the Texas Bankers Association. NexBank offers an array of financial services that include commercial, mortgage, and institutional banking. Additionally, the bank holds a charter that dates back to 1922, $8.4 billion in assets, has a legal lending limit of $137 million, and is considered an SBA preferred lender.

Helping the Dallas community is one of NexBanks top priorities and goals. They accomplish this goal in a number of different ways. First, through education, NexBank provides a financial literacy course at 18 of the local public schools that are located in low-income neighborhoods. Second, they are proud to offer veterans accommodative housing and consumer loans. Third, because purchasing a house is no easy feat, the bank offers roughly 700 mortgage loans to low-income families. The bank also gives their support to The Real Estate Council Community Fund, GrowSouth Fund, and Impact Dallas Capital.

With all that NexBank offers and does for the community, it is no wonder why they have won a number of national awards. In 2016, they were named the #5 Pretax ROE Bank, #10 Best-performing Bank, #1 ROAA Subchapter S Bank and ROAE Subchapter S Bank, #2 Residential Real Estate Lender, and in 2017 they received the Superior Bank Quality Rating.

Talk Fusion Video Marketing App The Reason Why It is Highly Sought After

The biggest problem in the field of marketing is that the engagement rate is very low in most of the marketing mediums. However, research has conclusively proven that video marketing is way different than other marketing methods and is known to provide clients with better click through and conversion rates. Many of the companies that have used the video marketing methods have found that their revenues have increased manifolds in a very short period of time. In this age of heavy competition, it is essential that professionals, as well as enterprises, use different and latest marketing mediums to woo the customers, and it is what Talk Fusion is all about. It provides one of the most effective ways of video marketing through the various products and services it offers.


One of the newest products that Talk Fusion has launched, which is a video chat app by the name of Fusion on the Go is highly talked about in the video marketing and communication industry. The Fusion on the Go has many features that are industry leading and which no other video chat app on the market has. The Fusion on the Go is a video chat app that has been developed after years of research and Bob Reina, CEO, and founder of Talk Fusion, believes that such video chat apps can help change the way people communicate. It is a video chat app that would help people communicate in a very distinctive manner and is available for download on all the different smart devices available in the market that run on Android or iOS platform.


Video emails have become quite an important part of the marketing campaigns for big and small companies alike. Today, no one wants to read long marketing emails, and video emails allow companies to appeal to the audience. Video emails allow companies to use their creativity and get their message across without sounding boring. The reason why Talk Fusion has been growing is that it has helped companies create campaigns that have been successful than ever before. The company aims to add more features to their existing offerings in the future. Learn more:



Trading Dignity For An International Name

You might think dignity and honor aren’t important on Wall Street.


Madison Street Capital reputation shows the world that dignity comes in all shapes and sizes. The source of this agency’s dignity is their clients. All Madison clients fit the profiles of major businesses, government agencies and wealthy individuals. There’s a great deal of dignity among these entities. The world service they obtain, through the investment agency Madison Street Capital, is elimination.


The honor of MSC comes from its ability to rid clients of major debt. The world is transforming and putting a strain on world economies as they adjust to new technologies and innovations. The debt crisis experienced by the world all plays a role in how healthy any economy’s, business’ or individual’s money is. Madison Street is now gaining more attention for its work on this rising debt.



Capitalizing On The Standards Of Financial Expertise


It wasn’t honor and dignity alone that brought Madison’s clients out of debt.


The MSC international investment bank leverages its strategies on expertise, which it picked up throughout its history of investing. Madison sets a standard for financial excellence as it leads the world in understanding how society will manage its debt. World debt become a big focus as the power of currencies are put into the equation.


The world’s largest nations are increasingly challenged by debt. The gold standard was ended, and nations are looking for a justifiable force behind rising liability. This is where Madison Street Capital’s steps come into focus. The agency’s leaders saw the financial challenges ahead and have made effective strategies in anticipation. The transformation of world economies will now be debt reduction.



Investment Banking And Advisory Services


The investment and advisory services of Madison Street Capital gains recognition and performance awards. The financial world is motivated through the recognition of leading agencies. Individuals who excel in the financial industries are also acknowledged and given trophies for their outstanding work.


Time and time again, we find Madison Street Capital gaining world recognition, and this time, they are being recognized for debt reduction through effective strategies. The incredible performance of this agency stands on the dignity it has when reaching the expectations of every client at hand.


There’s a diverse approach taken by MSC to ultimately rid its clients of debt and liability. Leading the international world gave Madison a foundation that it now uses for world recognition and for remodeling the liability of numerous portfolios Technologies.


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Enhanced Athlete: Building On Success Against A False Claim

Dr. “Tony Huge” is the known public figure to promote the sports nutrition brand Enhanced Athlete. Apparently, the company has been in investigated by US and European authorities due to allegations of another company called Nutrition Distribution that Enhanced Athlete is only an unpaid ambassador for the brand.


Charles Anthony Hughes, otherwise known as “Tony Huge” from the brand was the main person being tackled in the hearing last February 8, 2018. The hearing was done in the District Court in Sacramento, and they were decided if Tony Hughes should be appearing in a lawsuit claim filed by Nutrition Distribution last July 2017.


Nutrition Distribution was claiming that Enhanced Athlete was making false claims about their product, allegedly violating some federal statute and gaining unfair competition. Fortunately, the company rose from the conflict and was able to win the lawsuit filed against them.


In the recent motion to compel filed by Robert Tauler on behalf of Nutrition Distribution, they were saying that Enhanced Athlete was not able to produce a deposition for Hughes in their case, as required by law. However, the Federal Rule of Civil Procedure only showed that managing agents are subject to deposition. Mr. Hughes, thereby defending himself, claims that he is a “brand ambassador” and cannot be considered a managing partner for deposition.


According to the company’s CEO Scott Cavell, Charles Anthony Hughes has not received any compensation for his promotion of their products. He is not an officer of the company or any related company to Enhanced Athlete. This is a send email to INSIDER, and they also claim that Dr. Tony Hughes merely uses his freedom of speech to promote brands that he is in favor with, including Enhanced Athlete.



About Enhanced Athlete

Enhanced Athlete is a company that supplies muscle-building products for people who was a more customized form of fitness. They offer different types of products for muscle building, weight loss and increase of performance. Their tagline is “Pioneers of Human Evolution“, and they have gained recognition as athletes have noted to see positive results through the use of their products. They are also a global company operating in certain countries in Europe, Asia, and North America.


They have two sister companies called Enhanced Gear and Enhanced Coaching. Enhanced Gear provides clothing and all other body-building merchandise for individuals’ needs. Enhanced Coaching provides personal training services for people who want to achieve certain weight loss or fitness goals.