Trabuco – A History Of The Ancient War Machine

The Trabuco is a projectile siege engine and is one of the earliest weapons of war constructed by mankind. It is also known as the Trebuchet. According to most historians it was first developed in ancient China and used by the Mohists around the 4th century BC. It made its way to Europe by the 4th century AD. Byzantium adopted the Trabuco as early as 587 AD. The Persians were using the weapon by the 6th century, with the Franks and Saxons employing them by the 8th century AD.

The Trabuco was used by invading armies who were laying siege to a walled city. The device would hurl projectiles at the city’s walls and defenses. The historical record indicates that the weapon was so effective and well known that some opponents would open the city gates and surrender at the mere appearance of the weapon. Projectiles used by the siege weapon were varied. These included rocks, logs, incendiaries, and other debris. Smooth surfaced projectiles such as a rounded boulder could reach distances of over 130 meters according to Early historical reports claim that even human and animal corpses were used as projectiles. When on target, these types of biological projectiles were particularly effective at contaminating a city’s water resources or even spreading disease among the besieged inhabitants.


The Trabuco operates by using the mechanical advantage of a lever deployed to launch a projectile. Thus the machine converts latent energy into kinetic energy launching the projectile. The missile’s velocity and range is dependent on its weight and shape.

The Trabuco was made of wood and quite large, some reaching a height of 30 meters. They were usually immobile and had to be constructed from local resources. Early versions of the machine required a significant amount of manpower to build, transport, and operate. When gunpowder and the cannon were introduced to siege warfare, the use of the weapon declined. One of the last recorded reports of its use in military history was at the siege of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan by the Spanish in 1521 according to

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Mrs DeVos Is Known For Being A Fighter In Politics

If there is one thing that anyone really knows about Betsy DeVos, it is that she will fight for what she believes in. This is especially true when it comes to education and politics. In her everyday life, she is more polite than you would expect. Recently, Betsy had met with a representative for gay and transgender employees who work throughout the education system. The meeting was set up to offer her fair warning about what was about to happen. Shortly after, President Trump took away a policy that allowed transgender kids to use the bathroom they most identify with.


Betsy DeVos made it clear that she was not happy with the decision that the president made about the policy. There were no warning signs going around that this decision was going to be made by Trump. She had also decided not to give any indications that she was going to come up short on fighting the decision as well.


A Big Advocate For Charter Schools


Betsy has always been a big advocate for education. One of her major loves has always been for charter schools where she began offering voucher programs to let kids get in who would otherwise not be able to afford to. Both she and her husband are major donors to the Republican party. Betsy has been a former member of the Michigan Republican Party. She may be a team player but will fight for the causes she believes in. She uses her many allies and the fortune she inherited from her family to get rid of her competition.


Going To Washington


Unfortunately, Betsy DeVos had a rough start to her new position at the White House. This was putting it very mildly, though. When she was in attendance to the Senate’s confirmation hearings, she was giving out shaky answers to questions being asked to her about education reform policies and federal law. She was offering many crazy suggestions about things such as giving officials guns to protect themselves from bear attacks. Even though she was making a joke, her answers didn’t sit well with those in attendance. It ended up making her quite the target for jokes in the news and the subject for many late-night television comedy routines.


Friends and family who are close to her have stated she was not very happy about being portrayed like she was an idiot. However, Betsy is not one to shy away from the criticism or opinions of others. Unlike Trump, she is more than happy to shrug off things that are said about her and move on.


Betsy And Pitbull In Miami


In April of last year, many people were surprised and curious to see why DeVos was in Miami with the rapper known as Pitbull. As it turns out, Pitbull started his own charter school in Miami. Mrs DeVos was in town and decided to make a visit to this charter school and other ones as well. This visit was to show her never-ending commitment to ensuring that school-choice programs stay a priority in her career.


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Texas Bankers Association Members Big and Small

The President and Chief Executive Officer of NexBank Capital, John Holt, was privileged with the opportunity to speak about “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation” in New Orleans at the Texas Bankers Association’s Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. At this conference bank leaders, consultants, and advisors from around the country gather to discuss opportunities and trials that banks are facing.

The Texas Bankers Association (TBA) is based out of Austin, Texas. The members pride themselves of being the voice of banking throughout Texas and in Washington D.C. Members of TBA include thousands of institutions across the state, that are both large and small, and who hold national charters, thrift charters, and non-Texas charters.

NexBank is the 4th largest bank in Dallas, 10th largest in the state of Texas, and is a member of the Texas Bankers Association. NexBank offers an array of financial services that include commercial, mortgage, and institutional banking. Additionally, the bank holds a charter that dates back to 1922, $8.4 billion in assets, has a legal lending limit of $137 million, and is considered an SBA preferred lender.

Helping the Dallas community is one of NexBanks top priorities and goals. They accomplish this goal in a number of different ways. First, through education, NexBank provides a financial literacy course at 18 of the local public schools that are located in low-income neighborhoods. Second, they are proud to offer veterans accommodative housing and consumer loans. Third, because purchasing a house is no easy feat, the bank offers roughly 700 mortgage loans to low-income families. The bank also gives their support to The Real Estate Council Community Fund, GrowSouth Fund, and Impact Dallas Capital.

With all that NexBank offers and does for the community, it is no wonder why they have won a number of national awards. In 2016, they were named the #5 Pretax ROE Bank, #10 Best-performing Bank, #1 ROAA Subchapter S Bank and ROAE Subchapter S Bank, #2 Residential Real Estate Lender, and in 2017 they received the Superior Bank Quality Rating.

Talk Fusion Video Marketing App The Reason Why It is Highly Sought After

The biggest problem in the field of marketing is that the engagement rate is very low in most of the marketing mediums. However, research has conclusively proven that video marketing is way different than other marketing methods and is known to provide clients with better click through and conversion rates. Many of the companies that have used the video marketing methods have found that their revenues have increased manifolds in a very short period of time. In this age of heavy competition, it is essential that professionals, as well as enterprises, use different and latest marketing mediums to woo the customers, and it is what Talk Fusion is all about. It provides one of the most effective ways of video marketing through the various products and services it offers.


One of the newest products that Talk Fusion has launched, which is a video chat app by the name of Fusion on the Go is highly talked about in the video marketing and communication industry. The Fusion on the Go has many features that are industry leading and which no other video chat app on the market has. The Fusion on the Go is a video chat app that has been developed after years of research and Bob Reina, CEO, and founder of Talk Fusion, believes that such video chat apps can help change the way people communicate. It is a video chat app that would help people communicate in a very distinctive manner and is available for download on all the different smart devices available in the market that run on Android or iOS platform.


Video emails have become quite an important part of the marketing campaigns for big and small companies alike. Today, no one wants to read long marketing emails, and video emails allow companies to appeal to the audience. Video emails allow companies to use their creativity and get their message across without sounding boring. The reason why Talk Fusion has been growing is that it has helped companies create campaigns that have been successful than ever before. The company aims to add more features to their existing offerings in the future. Learn more:



Trading Dignity For An International Name

You might think dignity and honor aren’t important on Wall Street.


Madison Street Capital reputation shows the world that dignity comes in all shapes and sizes. The source of this agency’s dignity is their clients. All Madison clients fit the profiles of major businesses, government agencies and wealthy individuals. There’s a great deal of dignity among these entities. The world service they obtain, through the investment agency Madison Street Capital, is elimination.


The honor of MSC comes from its ability to rid clients of major debt. The world is transforming and putting a strain on world economies as they adjust to new technologies and innovations. The debt crisis experienced by the world all plays a role in how healthy any economy’s, business’ or individual’s money is. Madison Street is now gaining more attention for its work on this rising debt.



Capitalizing On The Standards Of Financial Expertise


It wasn’t honor and dignity alone that brought Madison’s clients out of debt.


The MSC international investment bank leverages its strategies on expertise, which it picked up throughout its history of investing. Madison sets a standard for financial excellence as it leads the world in understanding how society will manage its debt. World debt become a big focus as the power of currencies are put into the equation.


The world’s largest nations are increasingly challenged by debt. The gold standard was ended, and nations are looking for a justifiable force behind rising liability. This is where Madison Street Capital’s steps come into focus. The agency’s leaders saw the financial challenges ahead and have made effective strategies in anticipation. The transformation of world economies will now be debt reduction.



Investment Banking And Advisory Services


The investment and advisory services of Madison Street Capital gains recognition and performance awards. The financial world is motivated through the recognition of leading agencies. Individuals who excel in the financial industries are also acknowledged and given trophies for their outstanding work.


Time and time again, we find Madison Street Capital gaining world recognition, and this time, they are being recognized for debt reduction through effective strategies. The incredible performance of this agency stands on the dignity it has when reaching the expectations of every client at hand.


There’s a diverse approach taken by MSC to ultimately rid its clients of debt and liability. Leading the international world gave Madison a foundation that it now uses for world recognition and for remodeling the liability of numerous portfolios Technologies.


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Enhanced Athlete: Building On Success Against A False Claim

Dr. “Tony Huge” is the known public figure to promote the sports nutrition brand Enhanced Athlete. Apparently, the company has been in investigated by US and European authorities due to allegations of another company called Nutrition Distribution that Enhanced Athlete is only an unpaid ambassador for the brand.


Charles Anthony Hughes, otherwise known as “Tony Huge” from the brand was the main person being tackled in the hearing last February 8, 2018. The hearing was done in the District Court in Sacramento, and they were decided if Tony Hughes should be appearing in a lawsuit claim filed by Nutrition Distribution last July 2017.


Nutrition Distribution was claiming that Enhanced Athlete was making false claims about their product, allegedly violating some federal statute and gaining unfair competition. Fortunately, the company rose from the conflict and was able to win the lawsuit filed against them.


In the recent motion to compel filed by Robert Tauler on behalf of Nutrition Distribution, they were saying that Enhanced Athlete was not able to produce a deposition for Hughes in their case, as required by law. However, the Federal Rule of Civil Procedure only showed that managing agents are subject to deposition. Mr. Hughes, thereby defending himself, claims that he is a “brand ambassador” and cannot be considered a managing partner for deposition.


According to the company’s CEO Scott Cavell, Charles Anthony Hughes has not received any compensation for his promotion of their products. He is not an officer of the company or any related company to Enhanced Athlete. This is a send email to INSIDER, and they also claim that Dr. Tony Hughes merely uses his freedom of speech to promote brands that he is in favor with, including Enhanced Athlete.



About Enhanced Athlete

Enhanced Athlete is a company that supplies muscle-building products for people who was a more customized form of fitness. They offer different types of products for muscle building, weight loss and increase of performance. Their tagline is “Pioneers of Human Evolution“, and they have gained recognition as athletes have noted to see positive results through the use of their products. They are also a global company operating in certain countries in Europe, Asia, and North America.


They have two sister companies called Enhanced Gear and Enhanced Coaching. Enhanced Gear provides clothing and all other body-building merchandise for individuals’ needs. Enhanced Coaching provides personal training services for people who want to achieve certain weight loss or fitness goals.

Dr. Saad Saad Gives Advice

Receiving quality medical care is extremely important. This is especially true for children as they can be vulnerable to a variety of ailments. One individual that has continued to provide amazing care to children is Dr. SaadSaad, who is a leading pediatric surgeon based out of Eatontown, NJ. Dr. SaadSaad has been practicing pediatric medicine for over 20 years. He currently is a surgeon that is affiliated with many different major hospital groups in the area including the Jersey Shore University Medical Center and the Monmouth Medical Center.


Prior to starting his career as a surgeon over 20 years ago, Dr. SaadSaad received a medical degree from the Cairo University School of Medicine in Egypt. He has an incredible personal and professional history that shows that hard work and an internal belief system can help anyone succeed. He recently gave an interview in which he provided several tips that can help anyone to achiever personal and professional success.


One of the first life lessons that Dr. SaadSaad provided was to never accept anything less than your goals or what you seek. The surgeon believes that way too many people end up giving up on their dreams too early. While people can have great goals and a skill set that will allow them to achieve it, too many people end up getting discouraged by bumps in the road and risks that they face. As opposed to giving up, people need to look to persevere and continue to work hard until they obtain the goals that they are looking to meet.


Another life less that Dr. SaadSaad mentioned is that you should never wait until the next day to accomplish something that can be done today. Whenever someone has a task that needs to be completed, skipping the task for a day is a very easy choice to be made. While people can have the best intentions to work on the task the next day, it is very easy to lose focus and forget about it. Ultimately, this will lead to the task never being complete. Instead, Dr. SaadSaad believes that we should always complete whatever we can today. This will help to ensure that you are able to get everything done you need and continue to achieve your long-term progress.


Finally, Dr. SaadSaad believes that reaching goals is something that all people can do, but they will need to work at it. Nothing in life that is great is easy to achieve. Instead of spending time wasted on other items, you should be looking for ways to improve yourself and take the next step forward. This will go a long way when it comes to being successful. Learn more:

Dr. David Samadi is a Robotic Assisted Cut Above the Rest

As a celebrity doctor on Fox News’ Medical A Team, Dr. David Samadi keeps viewers informed on the latest in medical treatments and discoveries, as an expert on treating prostate cancer with a track record of success he saves the lives of patients who have received the devastating diagnosis of prostate cancer. The winner of the Most Compassionate Doctor Certification as voted on by his patients not only focuses on the physical health of his patients but also their mental well-being. No matter how busy his work day is, Dr. David Samadi makes sure that he takes the time to check in with all of his patients at the hospital before he leaves for home. With a day that starts at 4:30 am, this is quite an impressive feat for any physician, much less for one of the most sought-after surgeons in the New York area.

Dr. David Samadi holds the position of Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital and previously held the position at Mount Sinai Medical Center. While at Mount Sinai, he had the opportunity to practice medicine in dozens of countries around the world. He has also taught his robotic techniques to other doctors in foreign countries as well as performing surgeries. Some of the members of his surgical team have been with Dr. David Samadi for almost twenty years and have gone with him when he changed hospitals. He believes his team is second to none and they treat each other and their patients like they are family. The Iranian immigrant uses his experience during the Iranian Revolution to empathize with the fear and concern many of his patients have before going into surgery.

The award-winning surgeon earned his medical degree in New York through the Stony Brook School of Medicine before completing 2 fellowships and additional training in proctology and urology. After finding out about groundbreaking advances in robotic surgery, he traveled to France to complete a fellowship under Professor Claude Abbou through the Henri Mondor Hospital. The education Dr. David Samadi received in Creteil, France has been paramount to his success as a surgeon and his almost 8,000 surgeries performed.

Sheriff Arpaio Should Rot in Jail

Evil and tyranny is something that I can never support. If I see evil on the streets or others oppressing a race I must take a stand against it with all the power and all the influence that I have.

Forasmuch as I hate evil in any form it is the most dangerous when it is inside the hands of those in power. Sheriff Joseph Arpaio is the cruel man who as far too much power for his vindictive and hateful spirit.

With the power in his hands, Sheriff Joseph Arpaio was able to work the Maricopa County Police Department into a racial frenzy. Over a time span of three years, he relinquished all officers who refused to engage in the illegal practice of racial profiling. Then, to replace them with officers who were willing. He also did this in the Maricopa County jails and prisons systems.

Once the Police Department was caught up in the racial frenzy the Hispanic community felt attacked and hated. The police would often allow somebody of white skin color and even a black skin color to get away with crimes just so that they could punish Hispanics with that incident. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

In addition to this, Hispanics were systematically persecuted in the prison system. There are over 400 times the amount of death and brutal beatings and gang wars which attacked the Hispanic community in Sheriff Joseph Arpaio’s prisons than any other in America. These extreme numbers cry out for us to take a stand against this man.

These stories break my heart as a good Christian. My God the man’s that I put a stop to what Sheriff Joseph Arpaio is doing. Luckily, I am not the only one who seeking justice in this matter. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin of the village Voice Media, have utilized all their publication’s power in order to put Sheriff Joseph Arpaio behind bars.

In addition to the stories I have already told, they have detailed how Sheriff Joseph Arpaio routinely acts as the judge and the jury to enact revenge on those he believes are guilty even if he has no proof.

As Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin routinely reported on these events, Sheriff Joseph Arpaio became increasingly angry. It got to the point that he felt he should break the law in order to violate the First Amendment right to the freedom of speech. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

He violated their freedom of speech by using an illegal warrant to illegally arrest them.

Under arrest he offered to cut them a deal. If they would agree to destroy any evidence they had of his criminal activity he would allow them to go free. This climaxed in a passionate court battle where Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would end up receiving $3.75 million as a settlement.

This money was used to expand the Village Voice Media and begin the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. Together, these organizations seek to make America more aware of the misdeeds to Hispanics from Americans.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco: Bradesco Appoints New President

The current CEO of Banco Bradesco S.A. since 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is going to remain in his executive position until March 12, 2018. He has been at the head of Banco Bradesco for the past 9 years as he has guided the corporation through some good and not so good times. The Bank will be introducing it’s new leadership officially when Trabuco steps down.

Undergoing a powershift currently, Banco Bradeso has recently announced that President Ocatavio Lazari Junior will be talking over the position of CEO from Luiz Trabuco. Both of these men have a long history with Bradesco, although this change is taking place very soon. Revenue in the amount of $76.3 billion Reals as 2017 came to a close shows that Banco Bradesco is on the right path. Hardly saying 2017 was a bad year, the amount in revenue happened to be 6.8% higher than 2016 according to

Showing growth is a plus in any financial institution, however, a transition is still underway between Trabuco and Lazari Junior. Many are optimistic of the national economy for the year 2018 as GDP growth, calm inflation, and low interest rates have set this current administration up for success in the coming years. In regard to the growth mentioned earlier, Lazari stresses the importance of ensuring they have a better year than the years prior. One thing is for certain, both Trabuco and Lazari are stressing the importance of having good pension reform.


The explanation of the choice of the new president by Trabuco shows that it took some time for the final selection. Many felt as though Lazari would be chosen as one of the finalists, due to his many experiences within Banco Bradesco. Stemming from his work in the late 1990’s working in the credit area to his many promotions starting in 2010, this was a clear choice in regard to Luiz Trabuco’s successor.

Luiz Trabuco began his banking career and activities at Bradesco on April 17, 1969. He served as the Managing Director of Banco Bradesco S.A. back in March, 1999. He experienced much success in that department, and from there he moved on to various positions throughout the bank. As he was heavily involved in Private Pension plans, not many know that he was alo the President of the National Association for Private Pension Plans from August 1994 to August 2000. This is one of the many reasons Trabuco stresses the continued commitment to pension reform. His days as CEO will soon come to a close as Octavio de Lazari Junior will accept his new position as of March 12, 2018.

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