How Evolution of Smooth Gambled On An Unconventional Product Design And Won Big

One might argue that the 21st century is the age of disruption. So many industries such as the world of journalism and retail have been transformed by innovations that allow consumers to access the commodities that these industries produce in ways that are more efficient and personalized at a faster pace. Though it is not a subject that is broached as often as it could be the world of hair, makeup and skincare is no stranger to innovation. The introduction of beauty blogs and online hair tutorials, for instance, made it much easier for female consumers to achieve the style and look they wanted often without having to seek out the services of a makeup artist or beautician. While new innovations in the world of beauty do not necessarily mean that makeup artists, beauty editors at traditional magazines and beauticians are obsolete it does mean that the beauty world is modernizing itself to adjust to the tastes of a new kind of consumer.

One of the relatively new beauty products that symbolizes this modernization are the organic smooth spheres that are sold on Ulta by skincare company Evolution of Smooth. Even though EOS lip balm has been in business for less than a decade it has been able to rise to the top of the pack in part because of the innovations that it introduced to the world of lip balm. According to a profile that was written on the company for Fast Company magazine it completely overhauled the design of a beauty staple (i.e. lip balm) that had gone unchanged for decades. Instead of spelling the doom for the young beauty company the gamble that it took on an unconventional look for its product actually ended up paying off. Today the company is worth $250 million according to Fast Company magazine. Visit the company’s website:

How Dick DeVos Became A Top Business Leader And Philanthropist

It’s been known that Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy has given a lot of money away to charity, but not until recently was it known just how much that was. Dick decided to clear the matter up recently by disclosing that they have donated about $139 million away over the last 40 years. In just 2015 they donated $11.6 million to various charities. The charities that they favor include those in education, arts and culture, churches, leadership. health and human services, and public policy.

Education is the area that Dick focuses the most on. In 2015 $3 million of what they gave away was for educational causes, which is about 25% of what they donated in total. The next largest area is arts and culture to which they donated another $2.4 million. One of the biggest charities they support is at the University of Maryland, the DeVos Institute of Arts Management. They seeded this institute with $22 million and have made regular donations ever since. This institute develops graduates who are ready to step into business leadership roles at art institutions across the United States.

Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos, one of the co-founders of Amway. He first joined Amway himself in 1974. He served in a variety of positions such as manufacturing, research and development, marketing, finance, and sales. In 1984 he was assigned the role of Vice President and put in charge of the company’s international efforts. In 1984 international sales accounted for less than 5% of Amway’s revenue. Six years later, international sales had grown to 50% of annual revenue and were well on their way to eclipsing domestic sales. He was named as Amway’s Chief Executive Officer in 1993 and served in that role until 2002.

When Richard DeVos purchased an NBA franchise in 1991, the Orlando Magic, Dick was put in charge of the team. He served as the President and CEO of the team. Around this time Dick DeVos also co-founded The Windquest Group with his wife, Betsy. The Windquest Group is an investment firm that specializes in technology firms and manufacturing. One of the company’s biggest investments is in alternative sources of energy. Dick believes sustainability is a business concept as well as an environmental one. He has stated that businesses who are economically sound as well as environmentally sustainable are ones that are built to last and generate solid profits.

While he hasn’t won yet, Dick DeVos has twice run for elected office. In the 1990’s he ran for a spot on the Michigan Board Of Education, earning more votes than any other Republican running for a seat. He also ran for Governor of Michigan in 2006. While he ran a good, effective campaign he lost to Democrat Jennifer Granholm.


Hussain Sajwani Donates Food and Clothing to the Less Fortunate through DamacGroup


When it comes to business and branding, the essential element is strategic management and product positioning for success. The two key features help the business to define and explore market niche and available opportunities. Also, networking with strongly positioned brands contributes to company and brand growth.

While most companies understand these elements, a few have been able to pursue the details and strategize market positioning of their brands to this date. One such company is DamacGroup. This is a Dubai based company established by Hussain Sajwani. He is the chairman as well as the chief executive officer. Hussain controls the day to day activities of DamacGroup.


Since its establishment in 2002, DamacGroup has developed into a stature. It is known as one of the best providers for luxury products in Dubai. With an employee base of over 1000, DamacGroup prides itself in offering the best human resource to client satisfaction. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family: and

From owning the first stylish and luxurious building that was purchased six months into its sellout in the market, DamacGroup has developed into the sole provider for luxurious, glitzy residential as well as commercial properties. Among the luxurious features is a gold club project initiated by Donald Trump. The project was designed by Tiger Woods.

London Stock Exchange

Hussein Sajwani cuts across as a successful property developer. His prominence gained him praise from President Donald Trump. As a mark of progress at DamacGroup, Hussain Sajwani has planned to list Damac’s IPO on the London Stock Exchange. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Newskira

Additionally, he has formulated plans to expand the company into new markets as well as industries through affiliates. To steer fluid property markets initiated by property prices and fluctuations, DamacGroup, under Mr. Sajwani’s leadership has created a competitive niche and arresting marketing as well as networking with high ranked individuals like President Donald Trump.


Due to his interactions with prominent people, Sajwani’s passion for charity began when he established a food parlor in addition to a medium real estate business with his family.

The two elements enabled him to provide support to their charity events. His support for charity enabled him to donate over millions to invest in clothes and shelter for the less fortunate.

Timothy Armour Comments On Buffet Bet

Over the past several decades, Warren Buffet has turned his primary business, Berkshire Hathaway, into one of the top businesses in the world. He has also developed the reputation as being one of the best investors and financial managers of all time. Buffet has continued to provide consistent advice about investing wisely. One part of this has been to focus on investing in low-cost index funds, as opposed to more expensive hedge and mutual funds.

Over the past few years, many people have spent a lot of time analyzing a bet that Buffet has made with a few fund managers. Buffet bet that he could receive a better rate of return by investing in an index fund than someone would receive if they invested in a mutual fund. Finally, a few years after the bet was made, the dust settled and Buffet was concluded to be the winner.

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While Buffet is clearly an expert in the field and won the bet, some people are still not sure that his strategy is always the wisest. One person who has spoken out against the strategy is Timothy Armour, who is a principal of the Capital Group. Armour has spent over 20 years working for the Capital Group in a variety of roles, including asset and portfolio management.

Armour stated that part of the reasons why Buffet was successful in the bet was that the stock market did very well overall in that time period. The risk of investing in the stock market index funds is that there is no downside protection. On the other hand, hedge and mutual funds have the ability to hedge against risks and downside. Armour further pointed out that over the past 20 years, his fund’s average rate of return is more than 1% higher than the stock market.

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Want To Throw A Party And Don’t Know Where To Start? Read This.

If you’ve never thrown a party before, it’s normal to feel nervous. When you invite a large number of guests into your home, it goes without saying that you want to have the most delicious food, the most fabulous decor and the most inviting environment.


However, without some proper guidance, it’s easy to try to do too much in too short a period of time. You may have lofty and extravagant dreams about throwing a party that your friends and family will be talking about for ages but if you don’t incorporate some smart planning and organization, you can easily become overwhelmed.


Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of tips from expert party planners who know what is required to ensure that a party is a success.



Create a Theme


An easy way to ensure that your party is super festive and memorable is to come up with a fun and creative theme. Guests love themed parties because it allows them to dress up and let loose. Whether it’s an eighties theme or a Harry Potter bash, your guests will love getting into character.



Come Up with a Signature Cocktail


If you want your guests to have access to delicious beverages but don’t want to splurge on a wide variety of liquor, you can just serve beer, wine and a signature cocktail instead. A signature cocktail can be a creation of your imagination that is somehow related to your theme. Feel free to make a large batch ahead of time so that guests can help themselves.



Consider a Professional


Want to throw a fabulous party without doing all the work? Hire a professional event planning company like Twenty Three Layers in New York City. This event planning company can help you during the planning stages of your party as well as provide services that you may need like photography, live music and catering.



Take a Step Back


Give yourself an hour or two before the guests arrive to unwind. Throwing a party takes an enormous amount of work and if you don’t give yourself some time to relax, you won’t be able to enjoy it when your guests show up because you’ll be too tired.

The Successful Career of Executive Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is an executive recruiter for top management companies in New York City. Her exceptional skills have contributed to her employment in prestigious companies such as New York Life Insurance and Hudson. Julie has an outstanding educational background. She undertook her degree programs in law and philosophy from the New York School of Law and the University of New York respectively. In November 2002, Julie began her career as an executive recruitment expert at Hudson where she managed the placement of candidates. She worked at the firm for five years, and her roles included recruiting case managers, attorneys, and support staff. Julie undertook the above duty on behalf of Law firms, financial institutions, and corporations. Julie also participated in coaching and resolving employees’ conflicts at the company; thus, she acted as a mediator between employees and employers.


Time at Citi Global Consumer Bank


In October 2007, Julie was appointed as the Vice President of Citi Global Consumer Bank. While there, she also worked as the executive recruiter and head of recruitment processes in the Greater New York City Region. Her positions in the company enabled her to lead the recruitment of directors of the Citi Global Consumer Marketing and CitiCards. Furthermore, Julie took part in advising the company on compensation trends, competitive markets, and recruitment strategies. As a result, she participated in negotiations of job offers, for instance, deferred award, equity buyouts, and immigration in partnership with other human resources. Additionally, Julie participated in succession planning, fee negotiation, and candidate vetting. She advocated for the use of website networking when she changed the recruitment processes of the firm. Consequently, her hard work earned her a promotion that saw her in-charge of senior recruitment of top management staff such as directors and managers. Julie later joined the New York Life Insurance Company in November 2013. During her four-month period at the firm, she supervised all hiring processes involving executive positions. Moreover, she managed a recruitment team that included team project managers. Julie was also responsible for offering life-cycle recruitment and talent strategy planning. She collaborated with top management officials to provide innovative solutions.


Deutsche Bank


Julie was appointed the Vice President of Deutsche Bank in April 2014. She also served as an executive recruiter and the head of talent acquisition for the company. Later in 2015, she received a promotion and became the Executive Talent Acquisition head. Her new position gave her power to lead and manage the hiring of managing directors all over the United States. This was possible when she collaborated with business associates and hiring managers. Julie has acquired many talents and gifts including talent acquisition, executive staffing, and conflict resolutions that played an essential part in her career path. Additionally, she is an expert in management, coaching, and technical recruitment. Julie stays in Manhattan, New York. While away from work, she engages in interests like running, photography, cooking, discovering new technologies, and checking out art galleries. Julie also contributes to charitable programs that are related to animal welfare, economic empowerment, and conserving the environment.


Sam Boraie Redesigns New Brunswick

Sam Boraie, the Vice President of Boraie Development, has redesigned the city New Brunswick as a real estate and infrastructure builder. Boraie Development is a real estate development, sales and marketing, and property management firm which is mainly focusing its operation in New Brunswick. Under Sam, the firm has changed the shape of the city with multiple projects that are aimed to give a great infrastructural support to the businesses and individuals. The firm also started working in making similar reshaping in Newark and Atlantic City.

Some of the recent development projects that changed the pace of the city includes The Aspire, a residential apartment with 238 units with all the amenities in the downtown – a relief to the surging demand for homes, and Albany Street Plaza, a commercial building with twin towers that provide a total of 250,000 square feet office space and 20,000 square feet retail space, reveals PR News. Additionally, the firm has developed another commercial building named 390 George Street with 60,000 square feet of office space. It has also developed another residential apartment project named One Spring Street, a 25 story apartment complex with all the modern amenities for the residents.

His firm has made some crucial real estate developments in Newark and Atlantic City as well. According tiothe NY Times, along with the basketball star Shaquille O’Neal, the firm developed a major residential apartment in downtown Newark. It is considered to be first high-rise building in the area for the last 50 years and has a ultra-modern movie theater, retail development, etc. Similarly, Atlantic City also would get a residential apartment with 250 units with retail stores and other modern amenities. All these developments are aimed to ease the developmental requirement of the cities and to address the increasing population.

Apart from overseeing and guiding the residential and commercial projects, Sam is also involved in the various needs of New Brunswick, Boraie Development sponsored the free summer movie series for The Historic State Theatre in 2016 summer. The series played movies like Aladdin and Monster University, Frozen, and Despicable Me 2 through July and August. Apart from this Sam is also involved in various philanthropic programs and campaigns. It includes working with Elijah’s Promise to eradicate poverty from the New Jersey community. The foundation is working to improve the employment prospects in the area to remove poverty. It is also providing food and other items to the needy people of the city. Sam joined the director board of the organization and actively guided it to execute its mission.


Ignition Financial helps families

I have made many financial mistakes in becoming an independent adult, but sometimes it is the simple mistakes that are made that do not seem as large initially that have the potential to become the worse. This was the case with a car I purchased a couple of years ago, and with the loan that I realized much too late was a bad loan. I can not say how bad this problem became when I finally I had to reckon with the carnage caused from my bad spending habits. I had to downsize in order to return to school to finish my post graduate degrees. This was more than a move to gain esteem. I had to return because other financial options had closed for me, and school was my last option. In life, you never want to do anything as a last result because Murphy’s law begins to play a large part in your already overwrought life.


At this awful point, I realized that my car loan was so far upside down that I would never pay the car off before it became so degraded that it was not drivable. Although it was still drivable at that point, I still could not return to school and afford that note. This was compounded by the fact that I needed a car for school, so simply accepting the consequences of letting the car go back was not an option. I could not believe it. It seems as though I was so far behind that I was forced to keep a car. Since the car was still in my possession and not in arrears, I had hoped that I would be able trade the car or adjust my loan.


The car was not expensive and somewhat old, so trading the car was not an option. I found that refinancing was not normally an option either, but I did not accept that proposition as the truth especially in the digital age. After searching online, I found that I was absolutely correct. The awesome option I found to refinance the what I thought was a lost cause loan was Ignition Financial at their awesome site. Compared to how long it took me to find a solution, the kind staff at solved my problem in a brief instant.

The Storytelling Heart Of Michael Zomber

There are few people who have the passion and creativity to be a storyteller. Michael Zomber is one of the storytellers of this generation. One thing that needs to be understood about storytellers like Michael is that while they write and tell fictional stories, they are actually passionate about truth. Michael is an accomplished artist, screenwriter, and historian. His passion for history has granted him a lot of recognition and respect. He has shown that he is very passionate about different cultures. Among the cultures that he is very passionate about is Japanese culture. He has collected antiques from ancient Japanese culture.

As a historian, Michael has been featured on The History Channel as a speaker on a historical documentary. He has spoken about the history of Japanese culture. He has shown himself to be accurate in what he is talking about.

He has also written books that have been published. His screenplays have been produced into films. Michael has accomplished quite a bit in his lifetime seeing that many books don’t get published, and screenplays don’t even get picked up. This shows that passion with the right amount of wisdom can take one very far in life.

Michael Zomber’s passionate heart is an inspiration to many people. It shows that people can take risks and succeed in a way that is similar to how Michael Zomber has. When one finds something that he is passionate about and pursues it, then he is going to go very far in his success. Among the works that he is responsible for is the documentary Soul of the Samurai, which he has produced with his wife. Given his understanding of history. Michael is involved in many initiatives to bring about greater peace among people of different cultures and walks of life.